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You can trust Lac La Biche for all your Excavation and Compaction Equipment rental needs

Are you in need of excavation and compaction equipment in Lac La Biche? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Lac La Biche Equipment Rentals has the right excavation and compaction equipment to get your job done easily and precisely. Our experts promptly answer all your queries to make sure that you end up choosing the right equipment for your job. Call us today!

Excavation Equipment

Excavation equipment has a wide range of applications in the construction, oil and agricultural industries as well as various landscaping projects. We carry brands like Kubota, Bobcat, and Volvo.


Kubota K008-3 Mini Excavator


10 hp Kubota Tier 4
5' 8" dig depth
Operating weight – 2200 lbs or 1000 kg

Wacker-Neuson EZ28


Engine Output - 20.7hp
Dig Depth - 8 ft 3 in
Operating Weight- 2737kg or 6030 lbs

Volvo ECR38 Mini Excavator


Max power SAE J1995 gross - 27.4hp
Digging depth - 10’ - 10’ 10”
Operating weight - canopy version 7355 lbs

Bobcat E45 Mini Excavator


Horsepower - 42.7hp
Operating weight – 10077 lbs
Digging depth – 11ft

Volvo EC55C Mini Excavator


Horsepower - 53.6 hp
Operating weight - 10824.7 lb or 4910 kg

Compaction Equipment Rentals

Lac La Biche Equipment Rentals has a range of compaction equipment including pad foot, smooth drum rollers with widths between 55” to 84”. We have a roller for you to get your compaction job done. We carry brands like Ammann, Caterpillar, and Bomag. You can rent out the following equipment from us:

Compaction Bomag

55" Ammann Pad Foot/Smooth Roller


Horsepower – 67 hp
Operating weight – 4500 kg or 9920.8 lbs
Maximum centrifugal force – 8992 lb

66" Caterpillar Smooth Drum Roller


Horsepower – 83 hp
Operating weight - 15410.3 lb or 6990 kg
Maximum centrifugal force - 30124.4 lb

84" Caterpillar CP563E Pad Foot Roller


Horsepower – 157 hp
Operating Weight - 25707.0 lb
Maximum centrifugal force - 67600.0 lb

84" Bomag Pad Foot Roller


Horsepower - 155.6 hp
Operating weight - 28285.3 lb or 12830 kg
Maximum centrifugal force - 61822.5 lb

Walk-behind Compaction Equipment

Lac La Biche Equipment Rentals has a wide selection of walk-behind trench rollers, plate compactors, and jumping jacks to get your compaction job done. We carry brands like Bomag, Atlas Copco, Ammann, Wacker Neuson, and Belle. You can choose us to rent any of the following equipment.


32" Bomag Pad Foot Trench Roller


Horsepower - 19.4 hp
Operating weight – 3622 lb or 1643 kg
Maximum centrifugal force – 8000 lb

30" Atlas Copco Double Drum Smooth Roller


Horsepower - 8.6 hp
Operating weight- 765 kg or 1687 lb
Maximum centrifugal force – 4900 lb

Belle 100 lb Plate Tamper


Horsepower – 3 hp
Dimensions - 12.5” X 14”
Maximum centrifugal force – 2473 lb

Belle 200 lb Plate Tamper


Horsepower – 4 hp
Dimensions - 16.5” X 18.5”
Maximum centrifugal force – 3709 lb

Belle 400 lb Reversible Tamper


Horsepower - 5.5 hp
Dimensions - 16” X 26”
Maximum centrifugal force – 6744 lb

Belle 1000 lb Plate Tamper


Horsepower – 15 hp
Dimensions - 27” X 37”
Maximum centrifugal force – 13488 lb

Belle Jumping Jack


Horsepower - 3.2 hp
Dimensions - 11” X 13”
Maximum centrifugal force- 3709 lb

Top-of-the-line Excavation and Compaction Equipment

If you need compaction or excavation equipment for rent, call us right away!

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